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Binance: The ultimate manual for your crypto account security. Your comprehensive and detailed guide to secure your cryptocurrency and avoid losses and thefts.

Cybersecurity for your Binance account.

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  • Written by REAL Cybersecurity experts.
  • 200 pages of suggestions to improve the security of your Binance account
  • Thousands of people EVERY DAY get their crypto stolen by hackers and scammers
  • Learn how to protect your funds
  • More than 1,000 copies sold in the first week

This e-book teaches you how to secure your Binance account.

The e-book is written for anyone who has an account on the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange platform, Binance. It teaches you how to protect your funds and secure your account. 

A strong password is not enough: the authors will give you all the practical instructions, with screenshots too, to learn how to secure your account and make sure that no one else can withdraw your funds.

A lot of people are afraid of losing their money, and many people underestimate this risk.

As to many researches, every day approximately 8,000 people get their crypto stolen. This is due to lack of account security and some misunderstandings about how the crypto economy and ecosystem work.

With this book you will master the ability of cybersecurity for your account. It is very specific to address Binance’s users but all our readers confirm that after reading this book they have a great understanding of cybersecurity and account protection in general, which can be applied to other platforms and to any online account, from Gmail to your bank account.

Some extracts from the book

A book for EVERY user

No matter if you are an expert or a newbie.

As to our studies, every user is exposed to hacking attacks on Binance.

50% of the hacked accounts that we have analyzed were more than 5 years old, owned by veterans of cyptos. And still, they got every asset stolen.

You have the chance to avoid this.

The only book that guides you step-by-step towards cybersecurity

Protect your crypto and your money, secure you account and block hackers attacks

If you invest in Crypto you want to keep you money safe, right?

Most users of Binance and other Crypto Exchanges do not really keep their accounts safe and secure.

Each day there are tens of users that get their crypto assets stolen. Do you want to be among them?

Or do you want to be protected?

If you want to keep your crypto safe, this is the RIGHT book for you.

Do not worry about hackers and viruses anymore.
  • Follow step by step instructions to secure your account
  • Learn how to activate the higher levels of protection
  • Discover all the methods that hackers can use to enter your account
  • Protect your data, your crypto and your assets.

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